Stucki ♦ Legal, PLLC is familiar with many facets of medical practices and how the healthcare business works.  We represent and advise physicians, healthcare providers, professional associations, and practice managers in the following types of matters:

  • Breach of Contract Claims with Equipment Providers
  • Forming Professional Associations
  • Employment and Physician Non-Competition Agreements
  • Medicare Compliance
  • Medicare Violations
  • Negotiating Provider Contracts with Insurance Carriers
  • Compliance with Federal and State Laws such as Start Compliance and Texas Medical Board Rules and Regulations, Virgin Islands Department of Health, Florida Department of Health.
  • Patient Complaints
  • Physician Oversight
  • Healthcare Collection Receivables Analysis

Stucki ♦ Legal also provides expert services for healthcare cases.

For help with healthcare law matters, contact Stucki ♦ Legal, PLLC